Asset allocations are designed for your unique financial circumstances. CFM will help you design as asset allocation with specific amounts of cash, stocks, mutual funds and exchange-traded-funds that is optimized for your financial goals, investment horizon, and volatility preferences.

Your managed accounts are monitored and rebalanced regularly according to changing market conditions. Regular balancing is important for maximizing returns and obtaining the volatility goals we established.

Management Fees

Since our management fees are based upon the value of a portfolio, our goal is the same as the client’s – long-term portfolio growth. We are not compensated based upon the activity in your account (we don’t receive any commissions), so we do not trade frequently in your portfolio.

Each client has an account with Charles Schwab & Co. We have limited trading authority on the account so that we can effect transactions in the account on a discretionary basis.

In general, account minimums start at $50,000.00 and our fee is calculated on a quarterly basis based upon the following schedule:

Account Value Quarterly Fee
First $1 Million .25%
Over $1 Million .20%

Contact Information

David R. DeLeeuw, President

5464 Holiday Terrace

Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009

(269) 375-8788

(800) 882-0303